Pastoring a church

Serving the Small Church as a Bivocational Pastor Is a forum where Bi-vo ministers can dialog about the unque challanges we face when we serve small churches and are bivocational.  

What does it mean to revitalize the church?  How does one go about revitalizing the church?

This forum is for Interim Pastors.  What are good practices for the Interim Pastor?

The Nuts and Bolts of Pastoring is a dialog focused on the topics presented in the chapters in four excellent books on the tasks, activities, issues and circumstances that are relevant to pastoring churches. James Emery White’s What They Did Not Teach You in Seminary, Calvin Miller’s Letters to a Young Pastor, James Bryant and Mac Brunson’s The New Guidebook for Pastors, and Deric Prime and Alistair Begg’s On Being a Pastor.  

What helps you to prepare sermons?  Share your ideas. 

Conflict will happen.  Wherever there is communitythere will be relational friction from time to time.  How do you handle it?