Month: July 2018

Wedding Guests Laugh

Jesus creates a mental cartoon in Luke 5:34 “Can you make wedding guests fast while the bridegroom is with them?”

Ha! Of course not!  It would be totally inappropriate!  People lining up at the table filled with all that good food with arms folded, frowns pasted to their faces, and every plate shinning clean with their pitiful reflections.

You do not find that people at wedding parties have dull faces.  It is uncharacteristic.  We do not expect it.  

Cartoons cause laughter when they picture the absurd. Can you visualize Jesus laughing out loud as he responded to criticism that his disciples were not dull enough?  

Sources on laughter:

Elton Trueblood, The Humor of Christ

Karl-Josef Kuschel, Laughter, A Theological Reflection

Christian Dialog Groups

I’ve had the idea about a decade ago.  The idea of groups online focused on their particular interests related to ministry dialoging without having to be together at the same place or the same time.  The other day, I met with a church planter who asked for such a place where a group of planters and those significantly invested in church planting could encourage one another.

This blog is the front door to that site.  I will publist my ideas on discipleship and ministry here; but the vision of this place on the Web is to create spaces for church planters, pastors and leaders of small churches or any size church, discipleship development groups, Training Groups focused on leadership or children’s ministry, or how to make sure guests feel welcome when they visit your church.  Most forums are open to the scrunity of anybody in the world when they are on the Web, but these groups are restricted to members only where they can think out loud within the context of a developing trust and confidentiality.

Welcome!  Let me know if you would like to participate.

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