The movie “I Still Believe”

Late last night, Janine and I watched the movie “I Still Believe”, the movie that came out last March about the Christian singer, Jeremy Camp.  Man! What a great story!  The movie focuses on several life situations and gives a good model as to how to traverse them: for example, how Jeremy meets his wife Melissa and their seeking God’s leadership in their relationship.  It reminded me of my own prayers for my wife, Janine, before I met her, and how God lead me to her.  Seeing this good relationship portrayed in the movie reminded me of the love, strength and support I get from Janine and how blessed I am as a result of our marriage.  The movie is a love story, but the main focus is on the way God helped Jeremy and Melissa Camp journey through a life threatening medical crises and overcome it first through a miracle of healing.  But the movie goes on to show how effectively the Camps dealt with finding God’s purpose and guidance in situations where God answered their prayers the way they had hoped and also in situations when God answered their prayers in different ways than they had hoped.  I recommend it!  The movie presents very well, the path to finding God’s purpose in both life’s joys and disappointments.  

Here is a website that compares the movie with the actual events. Although the advice given by the actor Gary Sinise playing Jeremy’s father, in a “scene in Camp’s boyhood bedroom is fictional, Camp said it is ’almost like all the things that my dad did and said, it is all summed up in that moment.’“ (WAY Nation). This summary statement is a great statement about how “our life is full because of difficulty” (quoted from the movie as I remember it).
Stephen Williams

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