The green pine branches rock in random circles.  The breeze is blowing through winter trees.  They bow and bend within the boundaries of their blueprint.  The only one who knows the path of the wind that moves them is the one who plans my path to happiness.  

“Happiness” was the most searched for term in 2020 according to one source.  Go figure!  Happiness may be dismissed as if it were optional; but the search for it lingers as a desire that will not be ignored. The pilgrims who hunt happiness have sometimes defined it so that they can say they have it; but their definitions turn out to be counterfeits of the treasure that is sought.  Others have redefined it so that it is unimportant.  But whatever you call it, it is searched for on Google and on the globe, over long treaded trails deep with ruts worn by repetitive motion. 

An ancient king of the Jews put it to the test (Ecclesiastes 1-3).  He walked the trodden path of pleasure on the way to happiness; but at the end it was just an addiction and its promise was a lie.  He raced down the track of ambition on the way to happiness only to earn temporary gains.  He accumulated gold and goods; but that rainbow was hollow in its rendition and the song was not the sought for treasure.  It turned out to be the Memphis blues.

Jesus said to a man named Nicodemus, a scholar of the scriptures, “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit” (John 3:8 NASB95).  The wind blows wherever it wishes; it is not controlled by the pilgrims on a path to happiness.  If pleasure is the goal it takes control.  Ambition is in control if you are building an empire.  If it’s gold your seeking, it controls you.  But if you are born of God and as you mature in spiritual growth on pilgrimage with Jesus, you are no longer subjected to the control of empty promises.   As you yield to God’s control, you are now out of control to the guiding Spirit that leads to a life that flourishes with true happiness.  (Read the Gospel of John in the Bible.  It is a map for pilgrims on a search for happiness.)

Stephen Williams

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