The Warmth that Weathers Dreary Winters

What a chilling winter!
The cold stillness
White ground, winter sky
Separated with splinterous treetops
Tapering across their meeting spot.
What splendor!
And it is bright.
No glaring light shines,
But out of winter’s fruit
Some source reflects winter white.
What warmth this winter scene shows in cold snow.
This chilling winter night.
And from that distant rendezvous
Of sky and where snows lie,
A rolling wooded divide
Makes that splinterous skyline
Shape a wooded cross,
Across the sky and down to me from you.
So I see.
This cold symphony:
Snow white, reflected light
And the symbol of a sacrifice.
Like the scenario in me
Where faith’s warmth winters.
Faith does suffice
Even nurtured in winter’s wilderness.
What a wonderous Mystery!
And when winter’s weather wearies
Morning’s sun will come.
No one will mourn for winter
As I pass that meeting spot.
No chilling winter’s wind can pierce
That warmth that weather’s winters dreary.
Wm Stephen Williams – written February, 1982

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