Fascinating Jesus

Jesus was the one who would focus his attention in the tensest of situations by doodling in the dirt (John 8:6-8).  He was the one who would enter into conversation with the least important person in the house and spar with her about what dogs eat (Mark 7:27-28).  He was the one who would be found alone with a woman dreadful of the company of anyone other than the men she offered her pleasures and offer her inconceivable joy from living water (John 4:4-26).  He was the one who would invite the most impulsively daring disciple to really do exactly what he himself was doing as he strolled across the waves of the lake and then let him begin to sink before saving him (Matthew 14:29-43).  He was the one who would intentionally wait until a dead friend was good and dead as a lesson in how God can fix the worst possible situation (John 11:6-15).  

Jesus was the one who would playfully heal a man halfway of blindness because sometimes when we are healed we still don’t understand what the reason was (Mark 8:16-18 and 22-25). He was the one who would do a miracle so as it could only be noticed by those who were alert with faith like when he turned water into wine and only those sober with faith knew anything about it (John 2:9-10).  He was the one who told riddles and stories to throw his listener’s attention away from what they were so set on thinking or doing so that their eyes could be opened to what they did not want to see (Matthew 13:13; Luke 8:10).  He was the one who could laugh at a foolish man totally blinded by something in his eye as big as a house but nevertheless trying desperately to alleviate the various objectionable indiscretions of more sincere sinners (Matthew 7:1-5).  

Jesus was the one who would pretend to be a stranger on a long walk into the evening and hold out long enough to be recognized by the way he handled food at the table (Luke 24:13-35).  He was the one who would sneak in an impossible image and nudge his listener into pointing out the obvious and only being aware that he had revealed something important after the words had left his mouth (John 3:3-21).  

Jesus was the one who would on the way to solving the biggest problem ever contrived by man, stop and pick up a child (Luke 9:46-48, 51).  He was the one who would wale in grief and sorrow over an enemy blind to the mystery of God’s willingness to love him (Luke 19:41; Matthew 11:18-24).  He was the one who would say just the right thing to those out to trap Him in order to turn the tables on them so they themselves fell in the trap (Luke 20:1-8).  

Over and over again Jesus easily offended the one who was dead set on being offended and offered deliverance to the one who desperately sought it (Matthew 9:10-13).  Jesus walked the dusty road with people with dirty feet; and anyone who meet him had their true dirt and glory pulled out of hiding so that they either objected loudly or surrendered unconditionally (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).  Some did both, first one and then the other (John 13:6-9).  

Jesus is the Son of God (Matthew 3:17) and Savior of sinners (Luke 15:1-7).  Jesus is king of the kingdom of God and therefore master of everyone who is one of its citizens (Philippians 3:20). 

Stephen Williams

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