Little Fly

I am greeted by my little winged buzzing scavenger.  She never misses the chance to show her devotion.  I do not care for her persistence.  She is aways touching my skin to show she likes to be around me.  I confess, I do not return her love.  I brush her off; but she does not seem to mind.  Her dedication is undaunting.  She is relentless.  But in an odd kind of way, I’m glad that she has returned.  I still find her annoying.  I hate the thought of where she has been and what mischief has dirtied her feet; but if warm weather requires her presence then she is welcome.

When the warm ground vanishes Winter’s push to confine me indoors, she rides the wings of the southern wind to open the door to freedom.  When her great great grandmother’s great grand joined her clan and swarmed the enemies who enslaved God’s people, the result was freedom (Exodus 8:24).  If I have to endure her affection in order to lay in the sunshine, then welcome back little nuisance!  If God could purpose your ancestors, I can endure your plague!

When you lite on my shoulder, I will think to gift my praise to God because your presence meant freedom to worship (Exodus 8:20).  Your people praised you by remembering those days (Psalm 78).  So can I, when bothered by a fly.  Anything and everything reminds me to worship — even this pestering pest that tickles the hair on my hand!  “The LORD has prepared everything for his purpose” (Proverbs 16:4a).  One purpose must be, to remind me of Thee.  “Let the fields and everything in them celebrate” (Psalm 96:12a)”, even if there be flies among the lilies of the field (Matthew 6:28).  And this little worrisome creature will parcel your words of wisdom as it dances from shoelace to face.  And I will resolve to hear them!

Stephen Williams