Simpson Missionary Baptist Church

We Are Simpson Missionary Baptist Church

Our faith in Jesus is the greatest value we have and we use our time to follow him as his apprentice.  We strive to grow in our knowledge and understanding of Jesus.  We are committed to learning how to live by his moral example and then to practice following that example in relationship to others.  

The way we act toward each other comes out of our desire to act like Jesus acted in relationship to the people he spent time with. We therefore seek the best for others, always attempting to give them the benefit of the doubt, practicing forgiveness, and living in such a way that would draw them to following Jesus.  

We believe the Christian Bible is the truth about how to be human and to live out the true meaning of life.  It tells who God is and how to know God.  We are therefore committed to learning this truth through the study of the Bible and adopting its teachings as the truth we live by.

Simpson Missionary Baptist Church is in Simpson, Illinois on Highway 147.  Turn onto Highway 147 off of Highway 146 just east of Interstate 24 at the Vienna exit — right in the middle of Southern Illinois!